Top 5 Trolling Motor Battery Models, Reviews, and Buyer’s Guide

Enjoying fishing and the serenity and peaceful atmosphere of nature is just possible since you are able to completely depend on the trolling motor battery of your respective angling boat. This electric battery runs your trolling motorboat, allowing you to easily navigate without always concerned about capacity or maybe its correct operation.

Every more experienced angler must understand the value of extending a trolling motor battery life, selecting the correct battery choice for each application program, and also taking appropriate care of the battery power. The very best element of most trolling motor batteries for sale nowadays is they're constructed using technology with more than hundred years of upgrades and also need very low maintenance.

When you would like to read about these batteries, you concerned the appropriate spot. With the top choice of ours and trolling motor electric battery reviews, you are going to learn about various trolling motor batteries, the benefits of theirs, and proper use. You'll also discover what the most effective battery is designed for a trolling motor thinking about the specs of the boat of yours and even learn to select one for you thanks to our buying guide Amp Draw Test for trolling motor.

What exactly are the various Kinds of Trolling Motor Batteries plus Their Advantages? You will find different trolling motor battery sorts considering apps and technology. Based on the application, you may find a starter, deep cycle, or dual purpose battery. Starter batteries aren't ideal for trolling motors, which means you ought to just pick a dual-purpose or deep-cycle battery power for a trolling motor.

The science of a battery power for a trolling motor is identified by its chemical center, which describes its advantages. These're the greatest trolling motor battery types offered in the market.

Flooded Lead Acid Wet Cell Battery A lead acid wet cell battery, likewise referred to as flooded battery, may be a good option for your trolling motor and also the cheapest choice available. This battery has several drawbacks since it takes regular maintenance and also features a somewhat tiny life span, that is the reason we just suggest it in case you're just angling for a single season.

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery The trolling motor AGM electric battery is one of the top selections for marine applications. This battery has a medium to particularly long life span and involves minimal maintenance. They're also much safer and proof. Looking at the greater life span of the AGM trolling motor battery pack and greater level of discharge (DOD), this's a more affordable choice in the long term along with among the greatest ones out there.

SLA Gel Battery

SLA gel batteries can be very great for operating angling trolling motorboats since the concept is robust, reliable, and durable. The gel trolling motor battery life can be a lot longer than flooded when energized and also discharged with the correct voltage/amperage, though it may be relatively delicate with parameters. We recommend you just use a specific charger if picking a gel trolling motor battery pack.

Lithium-Ion Trolling Motor Battery

The lithium ion trolling motor battery is yet another good choice for angling boats but in addition the priciest technology. Choosing a lithium ion trolling motor battery is normally recommended for angling boats which, aside from operating a motor, need a power supply for some other high consumption devices.

Top five Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews Choosing the proper battery power on your trolling motor is crucial. In order to enable you to choose among top choices on the market, we created this particular trolling motor battery reviews area. You are going to find many quality models to select from. Each one sticks out considering certain specs, quality, duration, and cost.

1. Universal Power Group 12V Battery - Cheap Trolling Motor Battery

The Universal Power Group (UPG) 12V trolling motor electric battery is among the most affordable choices available. This battery has a great quality-price relation considering the increased capacity and general performance.

This SLA AGM trolling motor battery has a 100Ah capability at C20, which means you are able to get five amps at a constant rate for twenty hours. The battery is able to offer a max current of thirty amps, but this would deplete the charge faster than it needs to. The UPG battery can power mid-consumption trolling motors, and it's ideal as a sun or maybe RV battery.

If you've a more expensive trolling motorboat requiring a 24 volt trolling motor battery pack, you are able to simply plug 2 of those in sequence and set them up on the boat of yours. The battery power has an eighty % maximum DOD, though we suggest you go as low as fifty % to expand its life span for more cycles.

2. VMAX MR127 12 Volt AGM battery pack - Boat Trolling Motor Battery

The VMAX MR127 12V trolling engine AGM trolling motor electric battery is a great choice for anglers with medium as well as big boats. This battery has a hundred Ah capability at C20, supplying you with a constant current of five amps for twenty hours.

This trolling motor battery features a recommended fifty % maximum DOD to guarantee a life span of 900 cycles, which means you must utilize fifty % of its capability and ask for it back once again with 7 30 amps. The company allows a seventy five % DOD for a life span of 600 cycles and a hundred % DOD for 300 cycles. We don't suggest you going as far as hundred % to expand your battery life over 12 months to make certain the correct functioning of the battery pack in the long term.

3. Interstate Batteries 12V thirty five Ah Deep Cycle Battery (SLA) - Lightest Trolling Motor Battery

Interstate Batteries is among the best brands purchased in the USA with quality electric batteries for lots of programs, such as trolling motorboats. The DCM0035 12V trolling motor battery is ideal for tiny trolling motor boats contemplating its capability and just how it's very lightweight.

This battery has a thirty five Ah capability at a C20 C Rate, which means you will get a constant current of 1.75 amps for twenty hours, perfect for tiny trolling motors. You are able to use a better current of eighteen amps if required, although charged capacity would be exhausted within an hour, therefore you simply get a fifty one % efficiency.

4. Optima OPT8016 103 Batteries D34M BlueTop Starting and also Deep Cycle Marine Battery - Marine Battery for Trolling Motor

The Optima OPT8016 103 D34M Marine Battery for trolling motor boats is among the greatest dual purpose marine batteries out there, created by a top quality manufacturer. This 12V trolling motor battery features a sturdy casing created specifically for marine programs, which makes it resistant to vibrations & shocks.

With a fifty five Ah capability at C20, the Optima battery offers a constant current of 2.75 amps for twenty hours when rich cycling. As a starter electric battery, it offers 750 cranking amps at 0ºF for thirty secs (750 CCA). The battery has a reserve capability of 120 minutes at twenty five amps, meaning that it power loads twenty five amps for as much as two hours.

5. Mighty Max Battery ML35 12 Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery - Smallest Trolling Motor Battery

The Mighty Max ML35 12 is among the littlest trolling motor battery models for marine applications. It's a little to moderate capability, but a surprisingly substantial C rate, which makes it an excellent option for little trolling motor boats requiring light and small batteries.

This electric battery has a thirty five Ah capability at C10, which means you will get a constant current of 3.5 amps for ten hours. The battery is able to offer a max current of twenty amps, but this specific amperage will deplete the charged capability within an hour. The Mighty Max battery has an eighty % DOD, which means you are able to easily make use of as much as twenty eight Ah per charge.